Zev's Final Message To Humanity

Learn What They Don't Want You To Know:

Arm yourself with knowledge and truth! Unarmed people don't stand a chance against tyranny.

Two entities occupy your body. One is motivated by and responds to fear. The other is motivated by and responds to faith. Which will you allow to govern you?

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When I read this book, I hear Zev’s voice in the pages gently reminding me that I was born for this moment, and that my life is totally, wildly important, and that he was here to pave the way for us to carry the baton; we’ve got this.



Erin Jameson

What does the world look like without Zev? I wondered before he passed if his shoes were too big to fill. Zelenko shows me where all the boogie men are so that I won’t be caught off guard. I am more spiritually prepared to fight back now, too.



Jonathan Rose

What to expect within the pages of How To Decapitate A Serpent

How Zev Championed Medical Freedom

From the man who first discovered the effective treatment for COVID-19 and who found himself facing vilification instead of congratulation, now comes the complete story of Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko’s rise from a modest family physician to an internationally recognized champion for medical freedom.

This book will show you...

why the COVID virus was manmade

why it was treatable from the outset

why the 'vaccine' should be avoided

and how you can claim your rightful freedom again

This final memoir gives the reader a chance to know Zev as a person as you journey with him through the COVID storm.


The Process Of Writing With Zev

LIn this short video the co-author describes his process of writing How To Decapitate The Serpent with Dr. Zelenko, and gives his personal insight on the man who fought for our medical freedom.

I want the truth to spread like a mantra!


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